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JavaScript Super Course

Variables (24:52)
Control Structures (15:18)
Advanced IF Statements (25:05)
For Loops (18:46)
Advanced For Loops (26:33)
While Loops (27:10)
HTML Tags (14:18)
Creating Your First Webpage (18:30)
Input Tags (22:50)
Input Tags (Part II) (15:06)
Importing Scripts (21:58)
What are Functions? (14:23)
What are Functions? (Part II) (26:57)
String Manipulation (33:05)
IndexOf Function (08:46)
Arrays (Part I) (14:44)
Arrays (Part II) (24:57)
Objects (Part I) (13:35)
Objects (Part II) (13:14)
Objects (Part III) (24:29)
The Prototype (20:05)
Null vs. Undefined (15:57)
Debugging (22:39)
Closures + Encapsulation (30:32)
Closures (Part II) (39:31)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part I) (18:51)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part II) (27:42)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part III) (31:32)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part IV) (21:15)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part V) (20:14)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part VI) (30:38)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part VII) (26:45)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part VIII) (18:50)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part IX) (30:59)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part X) (41:52)

Java Super Course

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Homework - Variables
Variables Quiz
Homework - Control Structures
Control Structures Quiz
Control Structures Part II Quiz
Data Structures Quiz
Lifetime Access to Coders Campus
Video #6 - Primitives (30:44)
Homework - Primitives
Primitives Quiz
Video #7 - Methods (58:28)
Methods Quiz
Video #8 - Objects and Static Keyword (54:58)
Homework - Objects and Static Keyword
Objects and static keyword Quiz
Video #9 - Inheritance (48:42)
Homework - Inheritance
Inheritance Quiz
Reminder Lesson
Video #10 - Exceptions (35:44)
Exceptions Quiz
Custom Exceptions (18:30)
Video #11 - Solution for Practice Assignment #1 (56:06)
Video #12 - String Manipulation (43:49)
Homework - String Manipulation
String Manipulation Quiz
Video #13 - Solution for Practice Assignment #2 (01:06:05)
Video #14 - Overriding & Overloading (34:42)
Overriding and Overloading Quiz
Video #15 - Collections Part I (51:50)
Video #16 - Collections Part II (01:13:09)
Video #17 - Java Operators (34:41)
Homework - Java Operators
Video #18 - this Keyword (30:08)
Video #19 - Enums (56:53)
Video #20 - Sorting (56:15)
Homework - Sorting
It's Time to Commit
Video #21 - Poker Assignment Walk-Through Part I (01:18:36)
Video #22 - Poker Assignment Walk-Through Part II (02:30:15)
Video #23 - Unit Testing (01:10:07)
Homework - Unit Testing
Video #24 - Mocking (50:09)
Video #25 - Advanced Mocking (01:05:17)
Homework - Advanced Mocking
Video #26 - Walkthrough of Roulette Assignment (49:26)
Video #27 - GUIs (35:57)
Video #28 - GUIs Part II (40:40)
Logging with Java (30:18)
Video #29 - Introduction to HTML (35:13)
Homework - Intro to HTML
Video #30 - HTML Styles (36:46)
Video #31 - HTML Input and Design (41:20)
Video #32 - JavaScript and jQuery (50:03)
Video #33 - jQuery (52:10)
Video #34 - Creating HTML Forms (39:35)
Homework - Creating HTML Forms
Video #35 - Forms and Advanced jQuery (53:15)
Video #36 - IMG and Gradients (32:11)
Video #37 - JSP and Web Server Intro (59:22)
Video #38 - JSPs Part II (25:05)
Video #39 - Introduction to Spring Framework (36:40)
Video #40 - Spring Framework Part II (50:41)
Video #41 - Spring Form Radiobuttons and Checkboxes (56:27)
Video #42 -Service Layer and Spring Autowiring (55:06)
Video #43 - RequestMapping and PathVariable (45:13)
Video #44 - Spring Bean Scope (29:51)
(Important video) Spring Boot Part 1 (44:17)
(Important video) Spring Boot Part 2 (32:31)
Video #45 - Spring Roo & Hibernate Intro (51:21)
Homework - Spring ROO and Hibernate Intro
Video #46 - Integrating Hibernate (53:27)
Video 47 - Database Terminology and SQL Syntax (01:04:)
Video 48 - More SQL (42:11)
Video #49 - @OneToMany Hibernate annotation (01:31:17)
Video #50 - @ManyToMany (01:01:21)
Video #51 - Fetch Type Eager vs Lazy (38:42)
Video #52 - Adding functionality to our Social Media App (01:13:07)
Video #53 - Final Video (02:23)
Lambdas - Part 1 (29:38)
Lambdas - Part 2 (13:34)
Streams - Part 1 (35:33)
Streams - Part II (19:59)
Optional Keyword (29:07)
Default Methods (12:05)

Databases and SQL Course

Lesson #4 - What is SQL? (09:35)
Lesson #5 - Using SQL Command Line (10:07)
Lesson #6 - SQL Data Types (15:09)
Lesson #7 - Create a Table (16:13)
Lesson #8 - CRUD Part I (27:50)
Lesson #9 - CRUD Part II (21:05)
Assignment #1
Lesson #10 - Relationships (10:08)
Lesson #11 - Normalization (25:28)
Lesson #12 - One to Many Relationship (10:48)
Lesson #13 - One to One Relationship (10:51)
Lesson #14 - Many to Many (11:49)
Lesson #15 - Tools (20:51)
Assignment #2
Lesson #16 - Joins (36:16)
Lesson #17 - Grouping (27:03)
Lesson #18 - Aggregate Functions (14:30)
Lesson #19 - Having Keyword (23:41)
Lesson #20 - Ordering (07:16)
Lesson #21 - Select Into (25:09)
Assignment #3
Lesson #22 - Alter Tables (19:12)
Lesson #23 - Views (17:54)
Lesson #24 - Subqueries (26:17)
Lesson #25 - Indexes (39:34)
Lesson #26 - Backups (29:11)
Assignment #4
Bonus Video #1 - How to Read the MySQL Documentation (16:34)
Bonus Video #2 - Stored Procedures and Functions (01:03:44)

Selenium WebDriver for Coders Campus

Introduction (04:21)
Demo: See WebDriver in Action (02:13)
Installing Selenium IDE (02:)
Record & Run with Selenium IDE (02:24)
Modifying Test Data (01:56)
Exporting Selenium IDE to Java Code (02:18)
Preparing the Test Environment (04:22)
Getting Started with Java and Eclipse (03:20)
Quiz #1
Creating the Login Test Outline (04:20)
Opening a Web Browser with Selenium (04:45)
Understanding HTML and the DOM (03:34)
Finding Elements using Chrome (03:24)
Simulating User Actions on a Web Page (05:39)
Capturing Text on a Page (03:02)
Capturing the Page Title and Closing the Browser (03:50)
Quiz #2
Overview of New Account Application (02:31)
Preparing Environment with Firefox and Firebug (04:07)
Writing the Test Outline and Opening a Firefox Browser (03:27)
Item Locator: By LinkText (03:05)
Item Locator: By Name and By ID (03:41)
Item Locator: By XPath (Relative and Absolute) (08:22)
Item Locator: By CSS Selector (05:16)
Comparing Methods and Priority (03:38)
Interacting with Form Elements (10:16)
Completing the New Account Application (01:45)
Quiz #3
Using Variables to Parameterize Data (04:48)
Cross-Browser Testing (05:06)
Creating the DriverFactory (09:36)
Defining WebElements (06:07)
The Radio Button Algorithm (05:12)
The Checkbox Algorithm (04:57)
Conditional Test Results (05:47)
Introduction to JUnit Framework (05:47)
Assertions: Generate Test Results (04:21)
Annotations: Guiding the Test Flow (03:34)
Class Variables within a Framework (04:54)
Installing TestNG Framework in Eclipse (02:34)
Setting up a TestNG Framework (05:50)
TestNG Assertions (03:15)
TestNG Annotations (05:37)
Preparing a Test Suite (11:57)
Managing an XML Test Suite (05:18)
The CSV Reader Class (08:03)
JUnit @Parameters (10:59)
Data-Driven Testing with JUnit and CSV (12:47)
The Excel Reader Class (07:59)
TestNG @DataProvider (04:45)
Data-Driven Testing with TestNG and Excel (05:33)
Quiz #4
Overview of Booking Application (02:02)
Setting up the Test (03:53)
Writing the Search Page Test Step (07:59)
Modifying the Search Result Criteria (Implicit Waits) (10:41)
Selected a Search Result (Advanced XPath Locators) (11:07)
Switching Windows and Handling PopUps (07:50)
Finishing the Booking and Confirmation (08:29)
What is the Page Object Model? (06:21)
Setting up a Test with POM (03:33)
Implementing the Login Page Class (06:25)
Implementing the Dashboard Page Class (04:20)
Writing a Test with Page Objects (06:22)
Enhance POM with PageFactory (10:55)
What is BDD and Cucumber? (01:36)
Preparing the Cucumber Environment (03:18)
Writing a Feature File in Gherkin (05:54)
Writing Step Definition Class (05:58)
Writing the TestRunner with JUnit (04:08)
Implementing Step Definitions with Selenium (05:51)
Enhancing Feature Files with Data Tables (06:06)
Parameterizing Data into Step Definitions (03:13)
Executing Tests and Fixes (07:09)
Quiz #5

Spring Security Course

Adding Login Page (10:25)
Encoding your passwords (08:21)
Creating a User Details Service (11:32)
Implementing User Details (16:22)
Testing our User Details Service (12:33)
Lets Talk Databases (20:04)
What is Cross Site Request Forgery (12:14)
How to Log Out (07:01)
@AuthenticationPricipal Annotation (05:45)
@Secured Annotation (14:13)
Video #3 – Spring Security “Hello World” (Part II) (18:46)
Video #4 – Customizing Your Login Page (19:11)
Video #5 – Creating Roles for Authorization (18:16)
Video #6 – Integrating with a Database (via JDBC) (15:57)
Video #7 – Using the Principal Object (Getting the User from the HttpRequest) (05:18)
Video #8 – Automatic Advanced Password Encryption (13:37)
Video #9 – Creating Custom Authentication Process (Integrating with Legacy Systems) (18:55)
Video #10 – Adding Method Level Security (15:03)
Video #11 – Concurrent Session Management (07:57)

Course Creation Workshop Series

Course Creation App Part 2 (01:40:12)
Course Creation App Part 3 (01:20:21)
Course Creation App Part 4 (41:47)
Course Creation App Part 5 (53:01)
Course Creation App Part 6 (01:06)

Pizza Order System Workshop

Pizza Order System Part 2 (01:27:08)
Pizza Order System Part 3 (42:13)
Pizza Order System Part 4 (51:)
Pizza Order System Part 5 (01:15)

RESTful Web App Workshop

ToDo RESTful App - Part 2 (57:29)
ToDo RESTful App - Part 3 (56:03)
ToDo RESTful App - Part 4 (39:19)

Intro to Spring Framework Workshop

Spring Framework - Part 2 (53:25)
Spring Framework - Part 3 (36:45)
Spring Framework - Part 4 (39:46)
Spring Framework - Part 5 (41:16)

Java Data Structures Workshop

Data Structures - Array List (59:50)
Data Structures - HashMap Part 1 (48:16)
Data Structures - HashMap Part 2 (33:38)
Data Structures - HashMap Part 3 (30:51)
Data Structures - Binary Search Tree (59:02)
Data Structures - HashSet (01:16:56)

Building an eCommerce Website Workshop

eCommerce Website - Part 3 (Setting up Spring Security) (01:15:21)
eCommerce Website - Part 4 (Designing Web Pages) (31:26)
eCommerce Website - Part 5 (Creating the Login/Registration Pages) (45:11)
eCommerce Website - Part 6 (Intro to Bootstrap with Dashboard page) (41:52)
eCommerce Website - Part 7 (Using AJAX to create Products) (01:09:)
eCommerce Website - Part 8 (Java Reflection) (41:02)
eCommerce Website - Part 9 (More Java Reflection and AJAX) (47:55)
eCommerce Website - Part 10 (Linking products to Users) (46:29)
eCommerce Website - Part 11 (Editing existing products) (46:11)
eCommerce Website - Part 12 (Editing existing products Part II) (57:28)
eCommerce Website - Part 13 (Deleting Products) (49:15)
eCommerce Website - Part 14 (Creating the eCommerce Storefront) (48:29)
eCommerce Website - Part 15 - Creating the Order (56:36)
eCommerce Website - Part 16 - Adding to Cart (01:05:36)
eCommerce Website - Part 17 - Final Touches (01:55)


What is Thymeleaf? (07:04)
Setting up Thymeleaf (10:19)
Displaying Values from Model (17:32)
Forms in Thymeleaf (21:58)
Dynamic URLs with Thymeleaf (18:52)
Using Thymelaf Syntax in JavaScript (15:19)
Expression Utility Objects (20:12)
Working with Nested Objects (and Pre-processing) (36:23)

Angular JS

ngTvShows App (creating the skeleton) (32:09)
States with $stateProvider (31:47)
Using the Angular Material Library (34:53)
Using Factories (41:32)
Using Promises with $http.get (01:03:02)
Bringing in Persistence via Firebase (40:26)

FreshVotes Web App Workshop

Using SourceTree for Version Control (16:16)
Creating Our First Controller (21:47)
Getting Started with Spring Security (16:46)
Creating Custom Login Page (16:16)
Adding Password Encoder (12:20)
Enabling CSRF Protection (15:44)
Leveraging a Database for Users (21:02)
Implementing User Details (22:49)
Logging into FreshVotes (33:35)
Creating a Registration Page (Part I) (14:49)
Creating a Registration Page (Part II) (26:37)
Creating a Registration Page (Part III) (22:33)
Intro to Bootstrap 4 (19:23)
Bootstrap Form Groups (21:52)
Responsive Design (23:25)
Bootstrapping Registration Page (12:35)
Adding a Product Entity (17:)
Creating Product Controller (13:32)
Saving a Product to the DB (23:25)
Retrieving Product Data from DB (24:04)
Updating Product Data (18:44)
Creating a Pretty Checkbox with Bootstrap (17:17)
Listing All Products (21:48)
Fixing User Id Null Issue (22:31)
Using Native JS for Login Button (18:09)
Creating a Fragment with Thymleaf (21:58)
Adding a Navbar to our App (27:01)
Tweaking our NavBars Color Scheme (15:41)
Making a Dynamic Login and Logout Button (22:37)
Creating a Feature Request in Java (23:58)
Building the Feature Request UI (23:53)
Fixing a Common Bug with my Controller (15:23)
Adding CRUD to our Feature Requests (22:08)
Making Our HTML Page Prettier with Bootstrap (15:50)
How to Properly Redirect when Saving (18:33)
Creating Cards with Bootstrap 4 (19:43)
Making a Change to The Data Model (23:35)
Advanced Thymeleaf Tricks with HTML Elements (18:29)
Starting to Add Comment Functionality (22:05)
Rethinking the Comment DB Schema (16:42)
Recreating the Comment Entity (21:42)

Intro to Amazon Web Services

Create an AWS Account (28:)
Launch a Sample Application with AWS (14:40)
Create a Database with AWS (41:55)
Point a domain to your AWS app and make use of HTTPS (25:50)

Maven - A Practical Guide

A Brief History of Depedency Management (17:22)
Using Maven in your IDE (34:09)
Adding External Repositories and Dependencies (25:35)
Installing Maven and Using it on Command Line (15:28)

Accepting Online Payments with Java Workshop

Program Outline (16:18)
Creating the Domain Model (16:44)
Integrating Spring Data and Presentation (13:24)
Integrating Stripe (37:12)
One Click Upsell using Stripe (27:32)
Creating Subscriptions with Stripe (28:38)
Cancelling a Stripe Subscription (30:25)
PayPal Payment Workflow (14:22)
Getting Bearer Token from PayPal (26:15)
Preparing and Refactoring Code for Creating Payment (13:22)
Preparing for Creating Payment Part II (16:55)
Creating the PayPal Payment (30:40)
Finalizing the PayPal Payment (13:36)

Budgeting App Workshop

Introduction (02:57)
Assigning Domain Properties (16:44)
Assigning Relationships (18:)
Creating Domain Objects (08:20)
Assigning Entities Relationships (30:41)
Designing the UI (15:59)
Updating Design to Include Budget Domain (16:42)
Spring Security Authentication (30:27)
Spring Security Authorization (28:20)
Creating a Registration Page (30:11)
Reformating Login Page (07:31)
Creating a Budgets View (17:)
Adding Budgets to the Database (43:22)
Refactoring with Thymeleaf Fragments (11:45)
Refactoring Adding Budget Code (16:35)
Creating the Budget UI (20:02)
Creating Groups (26:03)
Fixing Bugs with Groups (25:35)
Editing Group Names (17:37)
Structuring Budget Screen for Categories (08:33)
Creating Categories (19:57)
Category Creation Refactoring (18:)
Clickable Categories (07:02)
Making Category Configurable (11:06)
Bringing In The BigDecimal (23:40)
Editing Domain Model for Start and End Dates (25:16)
Showing start and end dates (13:48)
Making Date Ranges Editable (30:44)
Starting to Create Transactions (18:06)
Transaction Creation Part 2 (17:17)
Creating a second budgetId mapping (07:36)
Testing the Creation of a Transaction in the DB (12:26)
Creating the Transaction View Part 1 (17:58)
Fun with Data Binding (19:57)
Formatting Dates for the Transaction (18:01)
Using java.time.LocalDate (19:49)
Adding Category onto Transaction Screen (24:06)
Leveraging Custom Data in JQuery Autocomplete (30:07)
Properly Displaying Category on View (20:37)
Adding Transactions to Category Screen (24:14)
Making Transactions Pretty (16:14)
Fixing Addition of Transaction Logic (20:15)
Sorting Transactions (08:29)
Filtering Transactions (24:10)
UI For Planned, Spent and Remaining (09:37)
Finishing Touches (18:38)

Student Reviews

Radim says:

Great, Learned A Lot!!  

I really enjoyed this course.:)

Maks says:

Very helpful   

Great workshop, Trevor didn't hide any mistakes and he was life-debugging which can be very helpful for junior developer. I definitely recommned that workshop .Special for those who have Java basic and need to start making some projects.

Adrian says:

pretty good  

About 60 videos. The course is nice, but videos are far too long. Videos that lasts for one hour could be explained in fifteen minutes. These vids could be nice for podcasts but are uncomfortable for learning. Assignments are a big plus but they are free on the web Another thing examples are IMHO not professional. Author is like: "It's just for learning purposes so I will give to variables any sloppy names and create useless methods and you will learn this on your own" Rest is pretty good

Jonathan Barnett says:


I went through all the videos and at the end didn't feel like I had learned anything very useful. There were a few good points, but nothing that couldn't have easily been googled for how to do something. Trevor needs to improve on preparing what he's going to teach. It seem liked half of the videos were spent on him rambling on about what he wanted to teach/going on random tangents/trying to figure out what he wanted to do. If he would have prepared a lesson plan I think this series could have been improved upon.

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:

must see  

this is a more one great video from trevor page

Qwerty says:

Does not function to view  

Whitelabel Error Page This application has no explicit mapping for /error, so you are seeing this as a fallback. Thu Feb 11 16:52:07 UTC 2021 There was an unexpected error (type=Internal Server Error, status=500). No message available

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:


u have made a great work and fantastic videos and tutoriais. dont stop make more

Adrian says:


Only four videos. And it looks like Trevor is new to this technology

Jeremy says:

The videos are quite helpful to get the big picture view. I think the "homework" could be a little bit more of a step-by-step now try it at home type of thing. The quizzes are perfect - multiple choice and write your own code.

The topics are big . . . . so perhaps break up the lessons a bit in byte-sized chunks. (20 minute lessons would be ideal)

Anonymous User says:

I have completed first 5 videos.
As an intermediate java programmer I expect more on each topic.
All 5 videos are very good for beginners.

Andre says:

I'm 45 years old, English is my second Language, I have zero programming experience, so sometimes it's a little to fast for me.

I try to fit it in between a 6 and 13 Year old Kid and A full time job.

I think you are the best teacher there is.

I enjoy it very much.

thank you Trevor Page!!


Michael Yingling says:

Great learning environment!!

Mark Mneimneh says:

Good course, but need more beef.  

I think the first batch of 6 videos are good ... they introduce the basic thymeleaf concept without being bogged down with html/js/java .... and so forth. But I thing future videos should be more organized and the demo project should be concrete. For example, consider a BOOK store project, a Music Store PRoject, A Car Rental project ... you got the idea. using such project, create MVC app that is using Thymeleaf + js + jquery? to drive the site. Please recall that your other course are jsp based ... this is the only place where thymeleaf is used. Web page forms validation dynamic error messages are important concepts. important. But again, I liked the first 6 videos because they formed a good github project I can refer to for note. Looking forward for more materials.

reddy says:

Great course  

I love your pod casts. They are very informative. Please keep up the great work.

Venuri says:

So thankful for this amazing/ humble teacher   

On my way from foolproof to guru while building up my confidence :) Thank you Trevor!

Yannis Sourmelis says:

Covering just the basics.  

It is a quick guide covering just the basics. I would like more in-depth analysis being a professional programmer but that's something out of the scope of this course.

Almas says:

Simple yet effective  

This course is an easy gateway into AWS. Very engaging.

Vernon Daniel says:

I think it is great. If I do not understand a particular lesson, I can repeat it as many times as I wish.

Pat says:

Good Overview of Spring Basics  

Provides a good intro to spring mvc and spring boot. very helpful

anonymous says:

Thank you for updating the course  

Thank you for updating the course to use spring boot instead of spring roo.

Patty says:

I love how Trevor teaches. He takes his time to explain with details.

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:

great course  

u have made a great work and fantastic videos and tutoriais

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:

very good  


Leonar says:

Excellent starter course for Java  

Trevor takes the student by the hand and gradually leads them to a competent level of knowledge to become a Java developer. After taking this course you will be ready for the demanding workforce of a Java developer.

David Fuqua says:

Excellent Course  

You know I love it! I really like how you make yourself so available to your students. The best professors were always the ones that kept long office hours and had a real passion for teaching their students, and I see that in you. So keep it up! I am learning a hell of a lot of material and its been great!

David Fuqua

Nathan Rajkumar says:

Great job Trevor!  

Short, sweet and to the point. Got me up and running using Spring Security with my web apps!

Leemore Thomas says:

Super is the word  

Clarifies what I procrastinate from. Before I know it I'm understanding everything and waiting for a mental block that's not showing up. Nice fun tone

savageMVC says:


gr8 course!!

Anonymous User says:

These videos are nice. I learned a lot from them.

Joe says:

I like the Java tutorial videos. It really helps to learn Java. Hopefully, this will prepare me for interviews as a software developer and harness success getting a new job.

Carlos says:

Good stuff  

I've learned A LOT with Trevor and all his courses / workshops. I'm giving 4/5 for 1 reason: While I do appreciate the whole real-life-on-the-go development style and while I also see value on the whole "this is how you struggle in real life" kind of deal I do think that to a certain extent, it is not too friendly to beginners like myself. I've found myself beyond confused a couple of times due to this. Again, good experience, but there are concepts that should've just been researched and better structured in advance to save time. Again Trev's a great guy and a great instructor and this is just my personal opinion.

Mamatweli says:

I absolutely love your lectures  

Hi Traver: I came across your podcast probably 5-6 years ago, then I wasn't ready to learn Java; now the time finally has some. I am glad I got your course! one thing I noticed, it seems like array is missing in this course. will you please check and if possible make a lecture on arrays? Thank you very much!!

Carlos says:

Good practice  

I'm going to be honest. I gave this course a 3 stars rating a first. Why? because I was such a rookie and a slacker than I let myself get overwhelmed with the back and forth in the video. Trevor does a lot on the fly, and this will confuse you. However, I dissected the whole thing, did a lot of reading on my end and watch a lot of the lessons over and over. Wrote notes, researched further etc. Now I realized the true value of what Trev offers here... Please be ready to do offline work, and be ready to take ownership of your progress and ENJOY the awesome ride this awesome dude is offering... believe me... I've been through at least a 100 books and tutorials... this is really some great material to learn Java web development says:

Like very much - very thorough explanations in terms I can understand. The pace is perfect imho

Daniel Gray says:

I like everything about this product, but importing the assignment files is rather difficult.

Anonymous User says:

I like this video tutorials because they are explicit and very easy to understand :)

Nathan Rajkumar says:

A great look into Javascript!  

A fun and insightful way to jump into Javascript. The legend of the Blue Mongoose was a great set of assignments and a fun page to build on after the videos!

ashley says:

very organized  

clear and practical as others

Peter says:

Great course on Maven  

Great teaching videos on Maven. Able to understand what it's for which is to 'manage dependencies'.

Forrest Nutter says:

Service has been great!

Shailendra says:

This java training is very easy and to the point for beginners as well as for who has little expirience in understanding java from other tutorials.this is the best java tutorial ,i have never before seen and read.Thank you so much tp my best JAVA GURU TPAGE :).

Chad says:

Review of Selenium Code Campus  

Really great collection of selenium videos. I like the size of each video and wonderful examples. I would like to see more. I also would love to see some tutorials on cucumber testing in java language.. Please, please, please more, more more! :D Thank you!

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:


you have made a great work and fantastic videos and tutoriais

Srikanth Gooni says:

So far I have completed 20 video lectures and trust me they are incredible...
All the complex concepts have been dealt smoothly without much fuss...

Thanks for the super videos.

Would like to have few more videos one below mentioned topics:
1. Identifying the complexity of the code
2. Algorithms
3. Some other Advanced Topics

will continue to provide feedback on the remaining videos as well.

Marcin says:

My Review  

I think it's good!

Matic says:

I love this course because everything is so well explained.

joseph says:

It has been good so far, but some of the example i couldn't finish, couldn't get the same result

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:



Iulian Manole says:

Great Course that demystify the security web-app backend  

The challenge-response technique used in secutity with it's so common and underlie virtually every aspect of our modern technological life. Yet very few beginners have an idea of how this technologies actually work behind and how can be easely implemented. Now, get a hands-on explanation of the principles implemented with spring security framework, plus an overview on all protection layers and techniques, not only on basic authentification and authorisation, but more fine user customization, security path tunning, concurrent login and protection of methods, that we can easely integrate on our projects. These lessons will demystify the security backend behavior and how you shoud approach the web application protection concept, while inspire you to see spring framework technology in a new light.

Cyn says:

First one that's made complete sense!  

I've done several online courses on Javascript and they're so dry and info overload that it doesn't stick. This one does. The absolute brilliant part is the last half of the course, where Trevor lets you watch "over his shoulder" as he creates a texted-based game from scratch. This brought it all together for me much more than just another lesson. Just super learning experience. Trevor focuses on getting you up to speed in the 20% of what you need to know to do 80% of what you want to do, then demonstrates how to look up more answers. Being able to follow his thinking out loud as he tests out his coding, finds bugs, and fixes them, is solid gold. Highly recommend.

Johan says:

Great Course  

Excelent way of teaching, it doesn't get boring at any point and force you to do your own research in a few things, which is the best way to learn!

Daniyal Aamir says:

very easy to understand with clear explanations.

Rob says:

I like that whilst the basics of java are covered, like in other java online lessons, that there are so many more useful things being taught. Like Scanner and Sets which I hadn't seen covered before. Also explained things a LOT clearer like int vs Integer, and what static is.

I am looking forward to the rest of the lessons

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:

great quality and unbeliveble cheap  

u have made a great work and fantastic videos and tutoriais

skrishnan says:

Very good tutorial  


Spectre says:

I got a lot out of this workshop  

I haven't caught up with the latest vids yet (from May 2018) because what I learnt in lessons up until then gave me enough confidence to start on a project of my own that's even more complex than the budgeting app. Trevor is clearly a teacher at heart with an ability to put himself in the shoes of learner programmer. He narrates his thoughts very naturally and completely, I never felt there was any code or action that was left unexplained. Setup-wise, I could follow the videos in this course easily, using the same tools and options I was able to get the same results on my screen. It's a workshop style course and not a sanitized, structured one, meaning you get to watch his process, including when things go wrong or he when he makes changes. You don't see the what the final product looks like until the end. So you really need to follow it like a soap opera (which by the way I also how I learnt 2 foreign languages).

Pascoal Bayona says:

The great one.  

Even I'm not a native speaker, I have to admit that this guy explains very well. REST (web services) this topic is rich with contents and Trevor did it well. 100% sure that I've been learning good and cool stuff from Trevor. Now I am a Junior Developer but this Coders Campus still being my library.

Leonar says:

Didn't know that I didn't know JavaScript  

This course will take you to a higher level in the language and techniques of JavaScript. Although I had previous coded in JavaScript before this course educated me on aspects of the language that I was struggling with or simple did not know. Excellent course for beginners and a very well refresher to those with experience.

Benard Mutune says:

Great sutff  

Well done ! Trevor is great teacher and this course proves why. I started with his Javascript course last year and stopped halfway. With this SQL course have gone all through and I highly recommend it. The Assignments are great and the delivery is well paced.

Did says:

Trevor Page reminds me of Salman Khan (Khan Academy).
Very good tutorial system.

Anonymous User says:

I'm yet at the beginning of the course, but so far so good. Everything was very well explained. The tests are a bit tricky when we have to write excerpts of code. The automatic correction is very rigid.

Aaron Martinez says:

Very detailed videos and Trevor is thorough. So far, it's the best online course I've taken so far.

ramesh patel says:

Too Dated  

Hi Trevor, This course needs to be updated from Angular 1. Because later Angular versions are completely different. Thanks, Ramesh

Adrian says:

Not very good  

We don't work in actual MySQL program, I'm little disappointed

Mark Mneimneh says:

Good Course  

I really enjoyed this course. The course is short and direct. Basically it focuses on helping the audience in taking a Java app and load it up to AWS along with hooking it to RDS and to a human readable web address url. That simple. Other AWS courses I have audited go on for hours and hours into DevOps type material ... but not everyone wants to be a DevOps. I just wanted the Java AWS part of AWS and this covers it nicely.

David says:

I really like this because the simplicity of how you explain it

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:

very good  

great course

Anonymous User says:

Great Explanations. I love how you don't assume the audience knows anything especially when a topic comes up that is out of scope. Introducing things in the right order is tremendously helpful in learning.

Elmer says:

I like video tutorials because is very well detailed information for starting java developer.

Tony Westwell says:

They are really clear and in byte sized chunks that you can absorb better. Really enjoying the series so far.

Carlos says:

it is a super course alright!!  

excellent for beginners like me.

Anonymous User says:

It covers all basic and advanced topics.

Nathan Rajkumar says:


A great way to get started into the huge world of production databases! Trevors videos are meaningful and provide insight good for any beginner or intermediate programmer! Highly recommend if your looking for a way to enhance your db skills!

Ewald Ertl says:

Perfect Introduction  

I've used maven already before and watched the videos. For somebody, who has not used maven before, it's the perfect short introduction.

Anonymous User says:

Very good tutorials!!!

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:

5 star  

fast to the point, no dounbts left. congrats

Labinot says:

The best tutour I ever have.  

Oh man Trevor, you are a god under the sun. The video with the "static"-stuff you made is really greate. Even though I new that you can compare the java-class with a blueprint, you go a step further and show me how it really works. Thanks a billion times, Labi from Germany born in Kosovo and live in the Internet, adores your stuff. May the Force be with you.

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:

great, u must see those videos  

great videos tutorials, continue thiis great help

Mike Miguelez says:

Very understandable course. Thanks!

Zach says:

So far the videos have been really good. I am only on video 7. I am a computer science major and I am currently taking my third programming class with Java and I am still learning things in these early videos. I think the style and the format on how you do the videos works very well.

fatuncle says:


good job

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:


you must see that. there is nothing else available on the internet

Anonymous User says:

I love the video tutorials because they are simply great. i have read books on Java before but never seen the concepts explained so well.

Anonymous User says:

Good so far

Mohamed Mandour says:

Best Best  

This is the best Java Course I have Ever Seen so far

Anonymous User says:

The information in these tutorials is great. One drawback is that the videos are slightly out of focus when viewed in full screen - not sure why. But otherwise keep up the great work.

Adrian says:

Not very good  

Trevor could make the course more professional just by adding JSON. Instead we get pretty useless local storage saving. Assignment is little chaotic, no source code avaible and we leave it unfinished Rest of the course is pretty good

Benjamin says:

Wish we had your typed code  

I have been really enjoying the course but wish there were downloads to compare your code with mine. It would help with issues like I am facing now as I build the game and have a "{" that keeps flagging as an unexpected token even though I have all the "{" and "}" matching up.

Daya says:

I simulates the class room training and I can review as many times as I want. So far I am feeling good about these tutorials. Thanks!

Sean Anderson says:

I like the video tutorials because they explain each step and detail needed in order for me to gain a complete picture of how Java programs are developed.

Anonymous User says:

I love the Java Tutorials because Trevor really demonstrates his passion and enthusiasm for the subject matter and his commitment to teaching the general masses. His demeanor keeps me engaged and motivated to continue to improve my Java knowledge and skills. Although I have done some Java programming in the past, Trevor has this most valuable skill of being able to communicate complex subject matter in simple terms. Above all else, he seems to genuinely have fun! Each tutorial, podcast or video, leaves me excited for the next. Well done, Trevor!!

James says:

I learned in 6 hours what took my an entire semester at my college. This is the best thing to happen to my dream of becoming a Java Developer!

Shah says:

Not the best course in this package  

Seemed like you were confused the whole time

Anonymous User says:

very simple, easy to follow and not too much information at a time.

KT says:

I wish the examples weren't so generic. It would be better if we were dealing with a specific scenario.

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:


he explains very well with a lot of knowleg in this subject

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:


u have made a great work and fantastic videos and tutoriais

Anonymous User says:

very good

Sean Pashai says:

Dhineshkumar_R says:


easy to understand

Mamatweli says:

Lack of source specific support (3.5 stars)  

I *LOVE* Trevor's courses, that's the solely reason I chose this bundle. During this learning process, one thing make me sad is missing course specific support. let's say if I am learning Java Super Course, I know I can email Trevor, because I can find ways to reach out to him, but what about Selenium, or Thymelead, or something else; we cannot either ask questions, nor can we contact someone directly from that course to address our needs. Please give us some ways to seek for help. otherwise, if I cannot understand one unit along the course, then dramatically speaking, there is a possibility we may not follow through all related subsequent units. Thank you (other than that, Trevor's lectures deserve 5 stars and beyond!)

Chris says:

I can say I have only had 1 issue and that was from lesson 4 about data structures. I can't remember the videos covering the exclamation point. I knew that ! = not, so I set up my for loop for that question as
for(myArray != null)
you probably can't do it that way but I was completely unaware that I could just put the exclamation point at the beginning of the statement and use the isEmpty() method.

Other than that it has been pretty great.

Alan Scott says:

Java super course  

Great course covers everything from the start to the finish of Java OO. Very enjoyable!

Manoj says:

Course is good for Java Learners.

Ralph says:

Building E commerce site  

Great Delivery. Thank You Trevor

Eaton Droomer says:

Explained in a way thats easy to understand.

Anonymous User says:

I am a man of few words.
So far, these videos have been great in helping me understand
the java programming language.
I hope it takes me to the final goal. That is, a certified programmer.

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