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Lessons: 8
Video: 2.5 Hours
Learn everything you need to know to create HTML views with the Thymeleaf Java templating engine
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What's Inside This Offer?


What is Thymeleaf? (07:04)
Setting up Thymeleaf (10:19)
Displaying Values from Model (17:32)
Forms in Thymeleaf (21:58)
Dynamic URLs with Thymeleaf (18:52)
Using Thymelaf Syntax in JavaScript (15:19)
Expression Utility Objects (20:12)
Working with Nested Objects (and Pre-processing) (36:23)

Student Reviews

Mark Mneimneh says:

Good course, but need more beef.  

I think the first batch of 6 videos are good ... they introduce the basic thymeleaf concept without being bogged down with html/js/java .... and so forth. But I thing future videos should be more organized and the demo project should be concrete. For example, consider a BOOK store project, a Music Store PRoject, A Car Rental project ... you got the idea. using such project, create MVC app that is using Thymeleaf + js + jquery? to drive the site. Please recall that your other course are jsp based ... this is the only place where thymeleaf is used. Web page forms validation dynamic error messages are important concepts. important. But again, I liked the first 6 videos because they formed a good github project I can refer to for note. Looking forward for more materials.

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