The Coders Success Kit Offer

Created By: Trevor Page


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Lessons: 10
Video: 1.7 Hours
A simple yet counterintuitive approach to starting your journey in pursuing a highly-paid coding job.

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What's Inside This Offer?

The Coders Success Kit

The Coders Career Roadmap
The Coders Career Roadmap (23:13)
Lesson #1 - Framing Mindset (06:32)
Lesson #2 - Comparing Yourself to Others (20:17)
Lesson #3 - Impostor Syndrome (20:29)
Lesson #4 - Dealing with Overwhelm (12:08)
Lesson #5 - Fear of Failure and Final Thoughts (22:06)
The Coders Preflight Checklist
The Coders Salary Guide
1-1 Coders Clarity Call

Student Reviews

Patrick Cameron Strait says:

Helpful mental preparation  

A great way to boost confidence and to set eyes on the end goal.

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