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Lessons: 24
Video: 5.4 Hours
Learn how to integrate Spring Security into your Java web applications
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What's Inside This Offer?

Spring Security Course

Adding Login Page (10:25)
Encoding your passwords (08:21)
Creating a User Details Service (11:32)
Implementing User Details (16:22)
Testing our User Details Service (12:33)
Lets Talk Databases (20:04)
What is Cross Site Request Forgery (12:14)
How to Log Out (07:01)
@AuthenticationPricipal Annotation (05:45)
@Secured Annotation (14:13)
Video #3 – Spring Security “Hello World” (Part II) (18:46)
Video #4 – Customizing Your Login Page (19:11)
Video #5 – Creating Roles for Authorization (18:16)
Video #6 – Integrating with a Database (via JDBC) (15:57)
Video #7 – Using the Principal Object (Getting the User from the HttpRequest) (05:18)
Video #8 – Automatic Advanced Password Encryption (13:37)
Video #9 – Creating Custom Authentication Process (Integrating with Legacy Systems) (18:55)
Video #10 – Adding Method Level Security (15:03)
Video #11 – Concurrent Session Management (07:57)

Student Reviews

Nathan Rajkumar says:

Great job Trevor!  

Short, sweet and to the point. Got me up and running using Spring Security with my web apps!

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:

great course  

u have made a great work and fantastic videos and tutoriais

Iulian Manole says:

Great Course that demystify the security web-app backend  

The challenge-response technique used in secutity with it's so common and underlie virtually every aspect of our modern technological life. Yet very few beginners have an idea of how this technologies actually work behind and how can be easely implemented. Now, get a hands-on explanation of the principles implemented with spring security framework, plus an overview on all protection layers and techniques, not only on basic authentification and authorisation, but more fine user customization, security path tunning, concurrent login and protection of methods, that we can easely integrate on our projects. These lessons will demystify the security backend behavior and how you shoud approach the web application protection concept, while inspire you to see spring framework technology in a new light.

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