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Lessons: 4
Video: 3.4 Hours
Modern web applications are moving towards micro-services built on RESTful web application principles. Follow along as Trevor builds a real world "TO-DO app" with RESTful web application technology.
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What's Inside This Offer?

RESTful Web App Workshop

ToDo RESTful App - Part 2 (57:29)
ToDo RESTful App - Part 3 (56:03)
ToDo RESTful App - Part 4 (39:19)

Student Reviews

Pascoal Bayona says:

The great one.  

Even I'm not a native speaker, I have to admit that this guy explains very well. REST (web services) this topic is rich with contents and Trevor did it well. 100% sure that I've been learning good and cool stuff from Trevor. Now I am a Junior Developer but this Coders Campus still being my library.

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:

very good  

great course

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