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Created By: Trevor Page


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Lessons: 4
Video: 1.5 Hours
This is a hands on, real world tutorial on how to use Maven to manage all dependencies in your Java applications
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What's Inside This Offer?

Maven - A Practical Guide

A Brief History of Depedency Management (17:22)
Using Maven in your IDE (34:09)
Adding External Repositories and Dependencies (25:35)
Installing Maven and Using it on Command Line (15:28)

Student Reviews

Ewald Ertl says:

Perfect Introduction  

I've used maven already before and watched the videos. For somebody, who has not used maven before, it's the perfect short introduction.

Adrian says:


Only four videos. And it looks like Trevor is new to this technology

Peter says:

Great course on Maven  

Great teaching videos on Maven. Able to understand what it's for which is to 'manage dependencies'.

Yannis Sourmelis says:

Covering just the basics.  

It is a quick guide covering just the basics. I would like more in-depth analysis being a professional programmer but that's something out of the scope of this course.

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:

5 star  

fast to the point, no dounbts left. congrats

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