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Lessons: 100
Video: 52.4 Hours
With this bundle, you'll learn how to become a full-stack Java web application programmer, which are the most in-demand set of skills in today's career landscape.
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What's Inside This Offer?

Learn Core Java

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Homework - Variables
Variables Quiz
Homework - Control Structures
Control Structures Quiz
Control Structures Part II Quiz
Data Structures Quiz
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Video #6 - Primitives (30:44)
Homework - Primitives
Primitives Quiz
Video #7 - Methods (58:28)
Methods Quiz
Video #8 - Objects and Static Keyword (54:58)
Homework - Objects and Static Keyword
Objects and static keyword Quiz
Video #9 - Inheritance (48:42)
Homework - Inheritance
Inheritance Quiz
Reminder Lesson
Video #10 - Exceptions (35:44)
Exceptions Quiz
Custom Exceptions (18:30)
Video #11 - Solution for Practice Assignment #1 (56:06)
Video #12 - String Manipulation (43:49)
Homework - String Manipulation
String Manipulation Quiz
Video #13 - Solution for Practice Assignment #2 (01:06:05)
Video #14 - Overriding & Overloading (34:42)
Overriding and Overloading Quiz
Video #15 - Collections Part I (51:50)
Video #16 - Collections Part II (01:13:09)
Video #17 - Java Operators (34:41)
Homework - Java Operators
Video #18 - this Keyword (30:08)
Video #19 - Enums (56:53)
Video #20 - Sorting (56:15)
Homework - Sorting
It's Time to Commit
Video #21 - Poker Assignment Walk-Through Part I (01:18:36)
Video #22 - Poker Assignment Walk-Through Part II (02:30:15)
Video #23 - Unit Testing (01:10:07)
Homework - Unit Testing
Video #24 - Mocking (50:09)
Video #25 - Advanced Mocking (01:05:17)
Homework - Advanced Mocking
Video #26 - Walkthrough of Roulette Assignment (49:26)
Video #27 - GUIs (35:57)
Video #28 - GUIs Part II (40:40)
Logging with Java (30:18)
Lambdas - Part 1 (29:38)
Lambdas - Part 2 (13:34)
Streams - Part 1 (35:33)
Streams - Part II (19:59)
Optional Keyword (29:07)
Default Methods (12:05)

Learn Enterprise Java

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Introduction to HTML (35:13)
Homework - Intro to HTML
HTML Styles (36:46)
HTML Input and Design (41:20)
JavaScript and jQuery (50:03)
jQuery (52:10)
Creating HTML Forms (39:35)
Homework - Creating HTML Forms
Forms and Advanced jQuery (53:15)
IMG and Gradients (32:11)
JSP and Web Server Intro (59:22)
JSPs Part II (25:05)
Introduction to Spring Framework (36:40)
Spring Framework Part II (50:41)
Spring Form Radiobuttons and Checkboxes (56:27)
Service Layer and Spring Autowiring (55:06)
RequestMapping and PathVariable (45:13)
Spring Bean Scope (29:51)
(Important video) Spring Boot Part 1 (44:17)
(Important video) Spring Boot Part 2 (32:31)
Spring Roo & Hibernate Intro (51:21)
Homework - Spring ROO and Hibernate Intro
Integrating Hibernate (53:27)
Database Terminology and SQL Syntax (01:04:)
More SQL (42:11)
@OneToMany Hibernate annotation (01:31:17)
@ManyToMany (01:01:21)
Fetch Type Eager vs Lazy (38:42)
Adding functionality to our Social Media App (01:13:07)
Final Video (02:23)
Lambdas - Part 1 (29:38)
Lambdas - Part 2 (13:34)
Streams - Part 1 (35:33)
Streams - Part II (19:59)
Optional Keyword (29:07)
Default Methods (12:05)

Student Reviews

ApollonSkill says:

As for me it was good start in spring  

As for me it was good start in spring

Paul Pearson says:

Not what I was expecting  

I didn't like the Core or Enterprise videos as they, like all tutorials, jump around too much, are dated, and don't continue to build on one project. I know its not easy but this one promised it would.

Raudel says:

A solid base sustaining skyscrapers  

I was playing around for a while with java, with a big gap between the concepts. This course was more than perfect for me, even though that I am working as a programmer in a great company at the time when I found it. I want to thank you Trevor, your work is amazing!

Paul Pearson says:

Not focused  

I don't understand how you can get into Sets and Lists in one of the first assignments before covering OOP.

Siddharth says:

Good Course but Many things not Covered  

Amazing course, Trevor is very good and passionate at teaching. but this course hasn't covered many things! Like RegEx, Multi-Threading, Files I/O

Amin says:


As a C++ developer want to improve my java skills I found Trevor Page is one of the best resources that I have seen in Java world, I like his way to explain courses and, I highly recommend his courses for you guys. THANK YOU, Trevor You make Java easier

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