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Lessons: 6
Video: 7.0 Hours
Follow along with Trevor Page as he shows you how to implement the Spring Boot technology to quickly launch a real-world web application... In this workshop series, you'll learn how to build the foundation of a course creation web application.
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What's Inside This Offer?

Course Creation Workshop Series

Course Creation App Part 2 (01:40:12)
Course Creation App Part 3 (01:20:21)
Course Creation App Part 4 (41:47)
Course Creation App Part 5 (53:01)
Course Creation App Part 6 (01:06)

Student Reviews

Carlos says:

Good stuff  

I've learned A LOT with Trevor and all his courses / workshops. I'm giving 4/5 for 1 reason: While I do appreciate the whole real-life-on-the-go development style and while I also see value on the whole "this is how you struggle in real life" kind of deal I do think that to a certain extent, it is not too friendly to beginners like myself. I've found myself beyond confused a couple of times due to this. Again, good experience, but there are concepts that should've just been researched and better structured in advance to save time. Again Trev's a great guy and a great instructor and this is just my personal opinion.

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:


u have made a great work and fantastic videos and tutoriais. dont stop make more

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